Custom Design Your Very Own Formal Tuxedo & Suit.

Why Purchase From is one of the premier online shopping destination for those looking for QUALITY, STYLE, and AFFORDABILITY with 100% wool suits.

Your wedding day is your day to shine, look your absolute best, and let the world know you have style. There is one sure fire method to guarantee you will look good – have your tuxedo custom made for you!

When your tuxedo is fully custom made by an expert tailor, it is hand stitched and will contour to your body giving you the million dollar look. This is quality, not quantity.

Why rent a tuxedo when you know this garment was already worn by multiple people, the quality of fabric is inferior, and the fit is often questionable. It only takes a few formal occasions to make it a savvy fashion investment to buy your own tuxedo.

We are highly skilled and experienced tailors that will create the custom suits, shirts, and tuxedos to your exact measurements and specifications. You can design your style by choosing between jacket type (double, single breasted), type of lapel (peak or notch), vents, buttons, fabric, colors, pleats, cuffs, collars, and the list goes on as you see fit to personalize.

The suit is designed around you. Your body, your fit, your style. The complete opposite of the ‘off the rack’ department store where the clothes fit the masses, and not quite anyone at the same time.

Our selection of fabrics to choose from are top notch, high quality, no polyester, no blends. We make our suits in an ultra high quality, so it drapes off of your shoulders and fits to your body. True custom made quality. When the suit is fused, it is glued, and it is nonsense. This is what the masses purchase at the department stores, and if you want to fit in and not look good, please shop there.

Our Suits, Our Shirts, Our Promise!

Custom made clothing is always unique and undergoes a rigorous construction process to guarantee that your measurements are followed and that your suit will look incredible when you put it on. If there are any problems, issues, or you’re just incredibly thrilled that clothes fit you this well, please let us know and we will fix it ASAP to ensure that you are a happy and satisfied customer. We can only be satisfied if you are satisfied.


Like our suits, everything is custom made. The custom made shirt will fit your body and your style based upon the fabric and the options you choose. Many of our clients previous to purchasing custom made clothing complained of the “bunching” of the fabric just above the belt, especially at the sides. Then they made the switch – away from off the rack, and into the world of customized. No longer did they long for the ‘athletic fit’ but they found the ultimate fit instead. Want to feel like a million dollars? Dress like a million dollars, but pay ‘off the rack’ prices for a far superior product.

We appreciate being able to help you plan your wedding, so please let us extend a package deal. If your party orders four custom tuxedos or custom suits or more, we will discount your purchases by 10%.

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